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There comes a time when all of us have asked "What can I do?". What can you do? Get active! Youth Against War and Racism actively participates in as well as hosts many anti-war protests and events. You can attend these events and meet up with other activists working for the same causes and get to know them. You can also bring friends and recruit others to join with us. One way is to start a Youth Against War and Racism chapter in your area. For more info on how to do this, read on! 

Everyday, more Iraqi civilians and U.S. troops are slaughtered in this unjust occupation. As Bush and his big-business buddies make obscene profits, we are paying with our money and our lives.

It's up to us to put a stop to this war!
The key to stopping this horror is to build a mass movement here at home. The sooner we get organized and get educated, the sooner we can end the war in Iraq.

It's time you joined Youth Against War and Racism and help build a powerful antiwar movement. If there is already a chapter of YAWR at your school, get involved.

If there isn't a chapter at your school, get in touch with us and we can help you form one. It may sound scary to start an antiwar group, but if you don't do it, who will? Just three or four people can get things started and make a huge difference.

Find a supportive teacher to sponsor a YAWR club, and call for weekly meetings after school or during your lunch time.

Educate yourselves. Contact YAWR and we can help you organize a big teach-in to get your group started and get other students interested. Start every weekly meeting with discussions around antiwar readings.

Plan how to build your group and spread the message. Set up weekly antiwar tables in your lunchroom. We can give you leaflets to pass out to fellow students.

Find out when military recruiters are planning to come to your school. Set up a counter-recruitment table next to them or organize a protest to demand they leave.

Pressure the administration and school board to give opt-out forms to every student.
We have the power to stop this war, but it will take a lot of work and dedicated people to make it happen. Thousands of students across the country are already rising up against Bush's bloodshed. Let's take action and not stop until the war is over.

Start a Youth Against War and Racism chapter at your school!

First, contact us to discuss how to get started. We can also supply you with leaflets, buttons, and petitions (or download these from the website). After that…

- Set up a time and place for a first meeting a week or so from now. Pass out copies of this leaflet to your friends and classmates and urge them to show up to the meeting.
- Find a supportive teacher who will help you get an official YAWR club set up at your school and a classroom to meet in.
- Pass out YAWR sign up sheets to your classmates and collect their emails and phone numbers so you can keep in touch.
- Distribute leaflets for upcoming anti-war protests and events. Check out the YAWR website for details.
- If military recruiters are targeting your school, start a petition drive to demand they be kept out. When the military recruiters show up, set up a counter-recruitment table next to them, pass out informational flyers, and hold an after school teach-in about the realities of war and the military. We can help you find good speakers.

Launch a campaign against military recruitment in your school!
Here are four suggestions on how to get a counter-recruitment campaign and petition drive going at your school.

1. Resist Recruitment teach-ins
Find a friendly teacher to let you use their classroom, and set an
after-school meeting date a week or two in advance. Contact us and we
can arrange for exciting anti-war speakers to come to your teach-in
and offer you some pointers on how to get a good turn-out. Download a
flier to advertise your teach-in here, fill in your local information,
and copy and pass-out several hundred of these. At the teach-in, ask
everyone present if they can help gather signatures for the petition,
and ask each volunteer to set personal targets for the number of
signatures they can get.

2. Counter-recruitment tabling
Whenever military recruiters come to your school, set up a
counter-recruitment table to gather petition signatures and distribute
fliers explaining the realities of military recruitment and other
anti-war arguments. Download these here. If your administration
doesn't let you set up a table, contact us for ideas on how to
overcome this. 

3. School board protests
Find out when your next school board meeting is, and try to get on
their official agenda to present your counter-recruitment demands.
Mobilize as many students, parents, teachers, and community supporters
as possible to show up with anti-war and counter-recruitment signs.
Even if you can't get on the official agenda at your next school board
meeting, promise them you will come back next month with more people,
more energy, and more signatures if they refuse to act on your
demands. Also consider calling a press conference outside the school
board meeting to let the media know about your campaign. Contact us
for ideas on how to put a school board protest and press conference